When Kristoff first wakes up he’s only in his boxers. His hair is everywhere, blocking his vision and his head dipped towards the ground as he scratches his crotch and yawns, bare feet slapping the hardwood floor leading out to the kitchen. The size of his honest goods are very much noticeable through the tight underwear and his thighs are bursting with how snug they are. And of coarse, a few traces of last night peppered on his neck

Wait are these boxers or boxer briefs? Because you say boxers but why would they be tight? I need clarification for science ;)



I could kiss you! I mean I’d like like to. I may I? We me? I mean… May we?

Does is make anyone else really emotional that in the OUATverse, it been 2 years since the event of the movie and Now Kristoff and Anna kiss like it’s natural? No more jumping around, no more “are we aren’t we?” playing around. Just pure, honest, love.

And even if it’s one of their many many kisses, even though it natural and even though they are engaged…

They both smile into it.

Just like in their first.